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Mourinho to Atleti?

Posted by atleti on September 22, 2007

(See entry below for other replacements mention in the media & by supporters) 

AS has written an article on the possibility of Mourinho to Atleti. They wrote a bit about Mourinho’s managerial history. There isn’t much in the way of ‘evidence’ that he is headed to el Vicente Calderon. It’s just a brief look at the situation of Aguirre:

The Players: for the most part, there has no never been any indication that Aguirre is disrespected or hated by players. More recently, though, Reyes has expressed his surprise that he’s not playing more since his arrival.

The Supporters: Supporters are rightfully not happy with the unconvincing playing style and poor results thus far. On Thursday, during the game against Erciyesspor, many whistled  and chanted at him. Although we won, many supporters–myself included– are not happy with the style in which the players are playing. Ugly, unconvincing and, so far in Liga, completely ineffective (2 points out of a possible 9).

The Management: Atleti board continues to say that they support Aguirre. However, it’s rumoured that his  job is under considerable threat after these string of disappointing results.

I still think there’s a very slim chance this will happen– I think Mourinho’s next move might be to Italy (Juve or Inter, maybe).

7 Responses to “Mourinho to Atleti?”

  1. Ram said

    Though I stated in the other thread that we will start getting good results starting this weekend…anything other than a victory will make Aguirre’ position real bad. And a team like Atletico is what Mourinho wants. He will be the highlight of the team and what a challenge for him to rise above all. If we are getting Mourinho I would not mind Aguirre losing the next 2 matches and getting the boot. I have a small feeling that the “special one” might be our manager in the very near future.

  2. atleti said

    If this were to happen, I would hope that the board doesn’t meddle (like Abramovich did at Chelsea with certain signings).

    There’s a small part of me that believes a draw would not be so bad. Well, it would be bad in terms of our league standing, but it would mean the sacking of Aguirre, which might be better in the long-run.

  3. atleti said

    I forgot to say, there’s a part of me that is not keen on the idea of Mourinho as manager. I would prefer a manager who plays a more attacking style of football. Then again, he knows how to win and has a very good record. Still have mixed feelings on the slim possibility.

  4. Ram said

    I think Mourinho’ football would be better than Aguirre. Aguirre also plays non-attractive football, atleast Mourinho can gurantee good result even if it is bad football.

  5. atleti said

    Very true; the main difference between Aguirre and Mourinho is that Mourinho has been more successful with his tactical decisions.

  6. Ram said

    this week Aguirre survives :-)

  7. […] marketing guys moved Jose Mourinho to Inter Milano, where he would replace Roberto Mancini,  to Atletico Madrid, to Tottenham – I wouldn’t bet on this one -, to Portugal national team or Barcelona or Real […]

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