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Jornada 4: Atlético Madrid v Racing Santander

Posted by atleti on September 22, 2007

A must-win game- this Sunday.

Starting 11: Leo Franco; Seitaridis, Pablo, Perea, Pernía; Raúl García, Maniche, Maxi, Reyes; Kun Agüero and Forlán.

Subs: Cleber, Antonio Lopez, Luis Garcia, Eller, Abbiati, Mista, Simao

Reyes starts his first Liga game for the club- let’s see if we note the difference. Will this single change alter the lacklustre performances we have seen in the previous games? Will Aguirre be brave enough to sub out the big names if they are underperforming (eg Forlan, Maxi, and Maniche)? Will Luis Garcia receive some playing time? The Catalan has mentioned in a press talk that he would like to be considered for a starting 11 spot.

Stay tuned.


25 Responses to “Jornada 4: Atlético Madrid v Racing Santander”

  1. Mohammed said

    I think Aguirre should rest Maxi for this game and start with “King Luis”. Maxi hasn’t been himself lately; a ghost of the great Maxi we know.

    I think the crowd in Vicente Calderon will not be forgiving this time, if the game goes in the wrong way.

  2. atleti said

    Agreed 100%. He should have made two changes: Reyes for Simao AND Luis for Maxi.

    The crowd haven’t been forgiving for some time– the whistles & chants continue to get louder & louder!

  3. Ram said

    We need goals from mid field and Luis is in good touch. We should start with him and probably sub him with either Simao or Maxi in the second half.

  4. atleti said


    —Raúl García–Maniche—

    Kick-off in about 30 minutes.

  5. lara said

    I’m not convinced with that starting 11; I would have liked to see Maxi out and Luis in but we’ll see what happens.

    Guess we won’t be watching this game either. :( This tv issue is really getting to me!

  6. lara said

    One goal!!

  7. atleti said

    Yes, this TV rights problem is ridiculous. I’m listening via online radio & live text.

    GOL RAUL!!! Our consistently good player.

  8. lara said

    Where Atleti? I can only see the score at

  9. atleti said

    Both are in Spanish!

    We are the better side at the moment. Reyes has been immense. We need insurance goals!!

  10. atleti said

    HT Thoughts: The game has been fairly even, but Atleti have had the better chances. Our playing style is still fairly average. Maxi & Forlan had a mediocre 1st half. Reyes has been more active than Simao in previous games- best player on the pitch.

    Here’s hoping we see Simao & Luis in the second half. No negative football tactics…

    Game has resumed. Simao is warming up.

  11. lara said

    Gah! My internet is behaving wonky now. LOL. I guess I’ll just have to find out what happened after it’s over. It’s encouraging that we’ve had some chances. How is Maxi doing? Is there any chance Aguirre might take him out in the 2nd half?

  12. atleti said

    SUBSTITUTION: Maxi out, Simao in!

  13. lara said

    Excellent! What’s keeping them from scoring another goal? One isn’t enough.

  14. lara said

    A red for Racing??

  15. atleti said

    64′: Racing’s Jordi is sent off after a second yellow!

    Now’s the time to score insurance goals.

  16. atleti said

    69′: GOL 2-0 Aguero! Assist by Reyes.

    Aupa Atleti!!

  17. lara said

    Yay! GOOOOOOOLLLL!!!!! ATLETI!! Wonderful! El grande Kun!!

    (Dare we hope…?)

  18. atleti said

    SUBSTITUTION: Luis for Reyes!

    One or two more goals, maybe??

  19. atleti said

    76′: 3-0 FORLAN! Assist by Aguero.


  20. lara said

    WOOT!!!! Aupa Atleti!!!!! Now THIS is more like it!! :)

  21. atleti said

    4-0 Simao!

  22. lara said

    *does the happy dance*

  23. Mohammed said

    At last, we won. This is just great. I hope this win is the beginning that we’ve been waiting for.

  24. atleti said

    Here’s hoping this is the win that kicks off our campaign.

    cheers all,

  25. […] team that kicked off our unbeaten streak in the early part of the season in round 4. Remember? (Click here for comments on that game while it was […]

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