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Is there any doubt?

Posted by atleti on September 21, 2007

That if we lose against Racing this Sunday, Aguirre will be sacked?

Some names being tossed around at the moment: Diego Simeone, Radomir Antic. To a lesser extent, I’ve heard Javier Irureta and Luis Aragones names as well in the mix.

I have a few doubts: Simeone, an Atleti favourite when he played for the club, is 37 years old and has no experience managing a European club. He has had success with Estudiantes, but Europe is a completely ‘different ball of wax’ as the saying goes. As for Antic, it would be the Serb’s 4th time managing Atleti. He’s had some success in the past with the club.

I don’t want us to lose, but realistically, if Aguirre doesn’t adjust his tactics, we will draw or, worse, lose against a very defensively sound Racing Santander.

I don’t want to write a lengthy entry on this–  just ‘thinking out loud’ a bit.

8 Responses to “Is there any doubt?”

  1. gf said

    How about “The Special One”?

  2. atleti said

    Quality manager, but I haven’t seen his name linked with the club recently, unfortunately. Let’s see how things pan out, though!


  3. Mohammed said

    What about bringing Carlos Bianchi again? I’ve heard that he has been studying european football for a while now.

  4. atleti said

    Really? Didn’t realise he was doing that. In truth, I know very little about what Bianchi has done since he was sacked. That season was just an awful start- I don’t know if the board would entertain the idea of bringing him back.

  5. atleti said

    If Aguirre is sacked, the 1st objective of the next manager should be to fix our defence (so as to prevent these unnecessary goals).

  6. Ram said

    The next one should be Irureta. But I think Aguirre will start getting results starting this weekend.

  7. atleti said

    Here’s hoping (re we start getting results this weekend).

    I wouldn’t be averse to Irureta, if it happened.

  8. Ram said

    I was right

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