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UEFA: Atlético Madrid 4 Kayseri Erciyesspor 0

Posted by atleti on September 20, 2007


Good result that virtually assures us of progressing to the group stages of UEFA.

Mista 12′
Forlan 16′
Luis Garcia 82′
Luis Garcia 91′ (assist by Maniche)

According to match reports, we scored our first two goals during 10 minutes of ‘inspiration’. It’s disconcerting to read, though, that we continued to play unconvincingly (wobbly) for long  portions of the game, especially in defence and midfield. Still, a win is a win and I’m happy.

The main objective was to score  the most number of goals. It wasn’t an easy game because they were  tight in the back…but with 4-0 we will go to Turkey with  [much more tranquility].

A Few Brief & Random Notes:
-Antonio Lopez is completely out of form and Pernia, though mediocre, should continue to occupy that position. Yes, between the two, Pernia is the most reliable at this point.

-Forlan had a fairly good game and with a bit more time will come through for us in Liga. His form in Europe has so far been very good, in terms of goals, then again we haven’t faced stiff competition.

-Maniche, poor, lamentable

-Luis is in good form at the moment; I’d choose him over Maxi because he has an accurate eye for goal. We lack that in Liga– why not bench Maxi and start Luis on Sunday to see if his goal-scoring form in Europe translates well in the domestic league?

-Simao, pure class and talent, and should take on a greater role during Liga games

Abbiati; Perea; Eller; Antonio Lopez; Ze Castro; Maniche; Luis Garcia; Cleber Santana (Raul Garcia 82′); Jurado (Simao 22′); Forlan; Mista (Aguero 68′)

Jurado was injured in the 22nd minute.  More on this in a new entry.

2 Responses to “UEFA: Atlético Madrid 4 Kayseri Erciyesspor 0”

  1. Mohammed said

    I think the team needs more work on the creative part. The first 3 goals were follow-ups. Better teams will not make such simple mistakes in defence. Aguirre stated that the team needs to be more compact, and i think that he’s beginning to figure out the main problem.

  2. atleti said

    Yes, we still lack creative spark. We have some very good players, it’s just a matter of figuring out which 11 will score more goals and create more opportunities. Let’s see if he makes changes for Sunday’s game.

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