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Jornada 3: Real Murcia 1 Atlético Madrid 1

Posted by atleti on September 16, 2007

Anger at the Moment
BYE AGUIRRE. Shut the door on your way out. This was an absolutely embarassing performance; laughing stock of Liga. Atleti were sluggish at times; once we went up by a goal, we simply lacked hunger & desire to score a second goal. We spent a large portion of the game defending a 1 goal lead. There were long periods where we weren’t even remotely close to threatening at goal; very few scoring opportunities. Same old story.

Aguirre’s tactics were a joke:

Leo Franco; Seitaridis; Pablo; Perea; Pernía; Maniche; Maxi; Raúl García (Motta 67 min); Simão; Agüero (Reyes 49 min); Forlán (Mista 79 min).

First, Forlan was having a shockingly bad game. For some bizarre reason, though, he decided to keep him on the pitch and remove the more lively Aguero. Maxi was having a mediocre game and played a full 90…AGAIN.

Forlan, who should have been replaced early on in the second half, was replaced with useless Mista.

Absolutely disastrous.

I’ve tried to be as supportive as possible to Aguirre, but I can’t any more. I was hoping that he would wake up and change his tactics– unfortunately, it’s always the same damn story, over and over again. VETE YA, AGUIRRE!

There are very few positives to take from this performance, except another solid display by Raul Garcia and kun’s gem of a goal.

Credit to Murcia; they played with much more desire and urgency.

GOALS: Aguero (14th minute) and Murcia equalised in the 80th minute.


6 Responses to “Jornada 3: Real Murcia 1 Atlético Madrid 1”

  1. John from Aruba said

    Greetings from the island of Aruba.

    I’m a former Real Madrid fan who, whilst formerly been woed by the Galactico era, decided to make the jump to the Atletico side since I simply deslike what the latter stand for as an organisation. I always liked te Atletico team and just wished they’d gotten Figo when he left. If that were the case I’d have switched a long time ago. What is wrong with our team I ask? Where is the Forlkan of two seasons ago? Who kidnapped the real Maxi? This is incredible!Whay should we do besides kicking Aguirre out? I wonder…

  2. atleti said

    That’s a dramatic switch of support from Re*l to Atleti. Sort of like going from Everton to Liverpool, or Barcelona to Espanyol. Etc.

    I (and a large number of supporters) still blame Aguirre because ultimately it’s his decision to make tactical decisions (eg formations, substitions, and such).

    As for Forlan, truly a poor performance today– poor passing, lost possession quite a bit, and not at all threatening at goal. As the commentator said for the game, he looked incredibly ‘rusty’.

    If this draw isn’t (another) wakeup call for Aguirre and the squad, I don’t know what is.

    It’s like a curse.

  3. lara said

    I have to agree. What a disappointing game. The liveliest guy on the pitch was the one who flew thousands of miles this week. [Sorry, I just have to have my little aside here. I’m nursing a serious grudge with Basile for this business with Aguero. Does he want the guy to pick up Argentina and carry it on his back before he lets him play? ARGH! I think it’s insulting to have him play for a minute, but whatever. I’ll just go back to grinding my teeth now.]

    The midfield was a complete nightmare. There was no sense of control whatsoever there and the forward line (was there a line? didn’t seem so) without Aguero had no teeth at all. As it was, there were no decent opportunities for most of the game. Forlan completely disappeared into the midfield shadows – why wasn’t he up front? And subbed for Mista?? What the hell … ?

    I thought Simao and Raul Garcia looked good and Reyes seemed to be sharp when he came in. But he didn’t bring that much needed energy to the game. I was hoping to see Luis Garcia but no, disappointed again.

    There is no way (NO way) a team with so many quality players should have games like this. This has to sit with Aguirre. His choices – or lack thereof – create this lukewarm atmosphere on the pitch. Murcia played really well, but we still should have handled them easily.

    “Who kidnapped the real Maxi?”
    LOL. I’m wondering the same thing, John. Where is the brilliant, wonderful Maxi? Did they stash him under the bench or something?

    Ugh! Something needs to happen here. A real shake up. If Aguirre were to go, who do you think would be a good manager?

  4. lara said

    (Heh, just realized that Luis is injured. I’d forgotten that.)

  5. atleti said

    Pure frustration! Lady luck is just never on our side. Valencia have been playing poorly and have had results go their way, a fluke goal and they won against a very good Real Valladolid.

  6. Rafa said

    well, i think aguirre needs to leave the team immediatly. We have so many quality players and they are not being played at their full potential. I want aguirre out. Who is a good candidate for him to be replaced?

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