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Abbiati’s Press Talk

Posted by atleti on September 7, 2007

Here are some excerpts from Abbiati’s press talk today (Friday):

I love that the people have confidence in me; it’s something that [makes me happy] and gives me more confidence when I play.

He’s certainly a fan favourite.

When asked if he would like to say with Atleti after this season:
I’ve only been here for a few months and have signed for a year, but the truth is that I would to stay. I like the people, the club, the city…The truth is, I’m doing very well.

On the team (specifically Leo Franco):
          I’m glad there’s ‘competition’ within in the club. Leo Franco is a great professional and teammate. We talk a lot during training and in games. We are teammates and friends. There are many games during the season and I’m certain that we [will share the load]. I want the people to get to know [me, Abbiati].

          It’s true that I have played very little, but I think that when I have played I have done well. That for me is very important. I’m new here and the manager has more confidence in Leo Franco, but for now I’m very calm[…]I would like to play. I don’t want to play all of the games, but yes, I do want to play.

Hopefully– I’d like to see him given opportunities to play Liga games.

On the team:
We have a great team. There are many possibilities in the game. This year new players have arrived and we [are still adapting], it’s only a matter of time.

On the home draw against Mallorca:
Against Mallorca, we didn’t play a good game. They [Mallorca] [played their game well], very good defensively and going on the counter-attack. They left very little space…We are working to better our game.

On the differences between Spanish football and Italian football:
Here [clubs] play more with the ball [at their feet], including the smaller clubs. In Italy, smaller clubs always play with long balls, but in Spain they want to control it. Two completely different [approaches] to football.

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