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Friendly: Zamora 0 Atleti 0 [Updated]

Posted by atleti on September 6, 2007

Disappointing that we couldn’t win against Zamora CF…a club that plays in Segunda división B (Group II). Then again, Aguirre did play a second-string team with quite a few Atleti B players:

Falcón; Aitor Núñez, Zé Castro, Llorente, Reyes, Cléber Santana (Didi m83), Motta, Debris (David Fernández m45), Luis García, Forlán (Rubiato m74) and Mista.

On the other hand, Luis, Reyes, and Forlan did play, so I was expecting more of a positive result.

Two points about the friendly: 1) it was Motta’s first with the club and 2) Cleber was subbed off in the 83rd minute with an injury (more on that if it is serious).

According to match reports, we controlled the game and played rather fast-paced football on the wings for portions of the game, but lacked the ‘finishing touch’. Mista had another bad game. How bad? He missed two golden opportunities to score when Zamora’s goalkeeper wasn’t even at the goal-mouth.

The Positives
He played in the midfield and, according to reports, provided key passes (both long, short, et al) to keep Atleti looking lively and creative- essentially the piece of the puzzle that we’ve been missing. Hopefully, he’ll be able to play this way against a strong Liga side. If he does, I have no doubt he’ll earn a spot in the starting 11 immediately. According to AS, even though it was his debut, it seemed as though he had worn the rojiblanco jersey for much longer  (in other words, he looked quite comfortable and fit in well with the team).

Motta Post-match Thoughts:

I’m very satisfied with this game because it’s the first time this season that I have played 90 minute. I returned to my usual rhythm[…]and tried to better the game of my fellow teammates. I now play for Atletico, not Barcelona. I will not talk about Laporta, one of these days everything that he has done will come out in the open.

As for Cleber, it’s said that he had a fairly good game. It’s unfortunate he was subbed off with an injury. Hopefully it’s not severe.

4 Responses to “Friendly: Zamora 0 Atleti 0 [Updated]”

  1. lara said

    I know it was just a friendly, and with a B-squad at that, but … ugh, why do I have that familiar sinking feeling in my stomach? I was hoping that with Luis, Reyes and Forlan playing they’d pull off a win here. Motta sounds like he did a decent job though, so I guess I feel a little better.

    Hope Cleber is ok.

  2. atleti said

    It’s frustrating, yes, even the friendlies. Here’s hoping for an away win against Murcia…newly promoted side.

    I hope that everyone returns from international duty injury-free, too!

  3. lara said

    Well, I hope Aguirre makes the changes you mentioned yesterday (Abbiati, Luis, Reyes, Motta). It would be great to see these guys start. I was hoping the team would find its form against Mallorca but that didn’t seem to happen, so changes will hopefully bring good things!

    I haven’t been paying attention to Murcia. How are they looking?

  4. atleti said

    Murcia beat Zaragoza in round 1, which was unexpected, but I believe Zaragoza weren’t playing as well as they did last season at that point and also had a player sent off.

    Then, they got 0-0 away to Levante in a very lacklustre game, where neither team deserved more than a point.

    Should be a clear 3 points for us. No ifs, ands, or buts.

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