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Speculation: The Confirmed & The Unconfirmed

Posted by atleti on August 30, 2007

For 30-August.

Word is that Barcelona’s Thiago Motta will complete his medical tomorrow morning (Friday). A defensive midfielder. Just what we need…I guess. I don’t know what to make of this, to be honest. I see him as occupying a spot on the bench– essentially the reason Peter Luccin decided to leave to entertain an offer in England. My condolences to the poor English club that want him– Birmingham City– I believe. If that’s the case (re replace Luccin), then it’s not a bad transfer move. It’s not, however the move I was hoping for. We need to improve our defence, for goodness sake.

Oh, and he’s not exactly leaving Barcelona on a positive note, ahem.

There’s also some minor talk that Rafael Marquez might be presented tomorrow as well-somehow I doubt this, although I do hope it’s true, for the sake of our backline.

Unrelated, Re*l M*drid C*stilla’s Javi Garcia will NOT be moving to El Estadio Vicente Calderón And thank goodness for that; we don’t need another damn midfielder! Instead the young prospect is on his way to Osasuna.

Meanwhile, Atleti youngster & left-back Julián Vara has joined Celta Vigo on a season-long loan deal. He joins two other Atleti players on loan: Mario Suarez and Diego Costa. Best of luck to the trio.

In other news, José Ignacio Zahínos has rescinded his contract with Atleti to join Recreativo Huelva– a move that benefits both him and the club. The 29 year midfielder (rojiblanco through & though) will never earn a spot and would prefer to begin a new chapter of his footballing career without going on another loan deal. Best of luck, Jose, I hope you have plenty of opportunities to play at Recre. Try your best to stay injury-free…

3 Responses to “Speculation: The Confirmed & The Unconfirmed”

  1. Linda said

    Motta can also play as a central defender, so that might be handy for you guys. If Barca management were stupid enough to sell Marquez, however, I’ll be very angry indeed.

  2. atleti said

    I didn’t know that (re Motta as a central defender). That could prove useful now that Eller picked up an injury during Thursday’s UEFA Qualifier.

    I can’t think of a reason WHY Barca would let go of Marquez! That confuses me a bit– do they have enough coverage to consider such a move?

  3. Linda said

    Well, we’ve got Thuram, Milito, Marquez and Oleguer until Puyol comes back, so I think selling Marquez would have been the height of stupidity.

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