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Atlético Madrid Enter UEFA!

Posted by atleti on August 30, 2007

After SEVEN long years of no UEFA action, we finally qualified today after winning Serbian club FK Vojvodina, 1-2 (1-5 agg)! I didn’t follow this as carefully as I could have because I’m at work, so I can’t offer any firsthand insight on specific performances. The important thing is that we’ve officially qualified.

We went down towards the end of the 1st half due to poor defending (Eller & Ze Castro, a poor duo). In the 2nd half, we came back and scored two very good goals to see off Vojvodina.

Vojvodina were (rightly) awarded a penalty due to a collision by Abbiati and a striker– thankfully, he solidly blocked it. So far, Abbiati has proven to be a much better penalty taker than Leo Franco, no?

54′: gol by Luis Garcia, assist by Antonio Lopez (very good)
74′: gol by Raul Garcia, assist by Jurado (this was a cracker)

I’m glad to see both Garcias on the scoresheet.

Abbiati; Eller (Seitaridis, 61 min); Perea; Antonio López; Zé Castro; Raúl García; Cléber Santana; Luis García; Reyes (Simao, min 53); Mista; Forlán

Aupa Atleti!

2 Responses to “Atlético Madrid Enter UEFA!”

  1. lara said

    Yes, Abbiati is looking much better than Franco on the penalties. He looked good taking the one in this game. Here’s a video of the goals and the penalty from YouTube:

    Beautiful goal from Raul Garcia. :)

  2. atleti said

    Yes, indeed! Abbiati also looks much more comfortable when catching from the air, too.

    That goal is a beauty.

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