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UEFA Qualifier & Rumours

Posted by atleti on August 29, 2007

First and foremost, my thoughts are with Antonio Puerta’s family, friends, and teammates. Best wishes to them during this time. Click here for photos of the funeral. Here’s a video of some of the events. 

Secondly, thanks to blog reader Thomas for his contribution & input in a previous entry. Your comment was sent to my spam filter, for some weird reason, but I de-spammed it.

Did you know…the largest officially-formed group (aka ‘peña’) of Atleti supporters outside of Spain exists in Serbia? According to AS, there are over 1000 of them. These supporters are in for a treat this Thursday (30th): they will have an opportunity to see their favourite club against FK Vojvodina in the final leg of the UEFA qualifier.

I don’t know if it’ll be available via the Internet, but it won’t matter much to me since I’ll be at work and following via Internet radio.

As a reminder, we’ve won the first (home) leg, 3-0. Let’s do the same as we did at home: keep a clean sheet and score a few goals!

Maxi to the press:

We want to win and dedicate the victory to Puerta.

GK: Abbiati, Leo Franco,

Defence: Antonio López, Seitaridis, Zé Castro, Pablo, Perea, Eller,

Midfield: Jurado, Maniche, Raúl García, Luis García, Maxi, Reyes, Cléber Santana,

Forward: Mista, Forlán, Simao.

Confirmed Starting 11: Abbiati; Perea, Eller, Zé Castro, Antonio López; Reyes, Raúl García, Cléber Santana, Luis García; Mista y Forlán.

Who’s missing?
Kun, Luccin, Pablo, Pernia,

Maniche has been called in to replace originally chosen Luccin— it appears that he is closer to a move out of the club and to the EPL, most likely Birmingham City.

This brings us back to the Thiago Motta rumour– if you recall, the Brasilian midfielder is linked to the club. AS claims that the Italo-Brasilian broke off negociations with Inter and is closer to signing for Atleti.

At the same time, remember that Riquelme link? Well, it’s back. There’s a story featured on AS, El Pais, and MARCA claiming Riquelme is on his way to the club within the week (possibly signing tomorrow); there has been an agreement between Atleti and Riquelme’s representatives. This would link him up with ex-Villarreal teammate Diego Forlan. Of course, this also brings into question the Foreign Factor. Atleti have three extracommuntarians at the moment: Kun, Eller, and Cleber. Not to mention squad formation.

While we’re still at it– there’s still more speculation in the press- Mista has been linked with a move to Espanyol. If you recall, he has expressed his desire to stay at the club (bleah!), but there are still a few days left in the transfer market, so who knows what’ll happen!

7 Responses to “UEFA Qualifier & Rumours”

  1. Linda said

    Speaking of Roman, what do you think about the deal if it does go ahead? Is he the kind of player you need? I keep thinking that since what he needs is to have the team built around him, there could be problems, and plus, what are you going to do with all the wingers you have when playing Riquelme means you’d need at least 2 other midfielders protecting him?

  2. atleti said

    I’ve been pondering these questions all day. We lack a playmaker, which means he has a guaranteed starting 11 spot (then again, would you expect anything less?). I can see him working quite well with our main starting 11: Maxi, Simao, Forlan, and Kun. There’s actually a bit of me that doesn’t think this is true, to be honest. All should be confirmed tomorrow, hopefully.

    As for the wingers, we did go winger-crazy this pre-season, didn’t we (Luis Garcia, Reyes, Simao, not to mention Maxi, Jurado)? Then there’s Maniche and Raul Garcia– central-midfielders, who I imagine would provide protection. I’m having a difficult time creating a balanced starting 11 at the moment because the Marquez transfer is still simply speculation. At this point, I’d prefer Riquelme and Marquez– no Motta.

    The best I can come up with at the moment (it’s midnight here, bear with me):

    ——Maniche–Raul Garcia—-

    I think this would work, no? It’s a flexible formation. I’d prefer kun to play up front as well, though, so this formation doesn’t please me entirely.

  3. Linda said

    Yeah, that might work alright. The problem as you said is that that leaves out Aguero and also the likes of Luis Garcia and Reyes, and I’m not sure how good Simao is at tracking back, which he’ll have to do. Maxi already knows how to play while protecting Riquelme, at least, so that would be okay.

  4. janneke said

    do you know why Sergio ‘Kun’ Aguero is missing in the squad?

  5. atleti said

    Linda: I can’t figure out a way that kun and Riquelme can play in the same starting 11- UGH!

    Aguirre has a bit of a rotation policy at the moment, it seems: he reserves a spot on the bench for Luis Garcia for Liga games and uses him more for UEFA games, it seems– where he has been instrumental (whether he comes off the bench or starts).

    With the arrival of Riquelme, I can’t see Reyes occupying a starting 11 position, unless Aguirre rotates the squad to settle on his primary 11.

    Janneke: Kun is being rested.

  6. janneke said

    okay thanks! I was worried he might be injured.

  7. atleti said

    Nope! We’re 3-0 up, so it’s better to rest him. Plus, He has a friendly to play for Argentina in Australia next week, I think!

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