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Jornada 1: Re*l M*drid 2 Atlético Madrid 1

Posted by atleti on August 25, 2007

First, I’m disappointed with the result, but I’m also disappointed that I will not be able to watch this at all on TV. WHY? GolTV claims there were difficulties in broadcasting the derby live, worldwide. Unless you were physically at the stadium OR reside in Spain and purchased the derbi a la Pay-Per-View, then you could not see it. What the hell? So, I can’t properly comment on the game, unfortunately.

In any case, the FT score-line speaks for itself: 2-1. UGH. We started brilliantly, with Aguero scoring after only a minute into the game. After that, from what I’ve read on (an active Spanish-speaking Atleti supporter forum), things became very grim, frightening even, in terms of the defence. What have I been yelling about all pre-season? DEFENCE, DEFENCE, DEFENCE. We have made absolutely no improvement in that backline; just the usual suspects displaying sub-par performances.

Here are a few views of supporters on (translated):

In my opinion, this squad lacks balance [particularly, lacking in a solid, reliable centre-back and a top-notch right-back]. Pablo [was terrible].

My greatest disappointment was Maxi. Poor passing. He looked lost and Aguirre is doing the same he did with Torres, making him into an untouchable, which is wrong, since he should have been subbed out in the 2nd half for underperforming. He simply cannot play for a full 90.

The same as previous seasons.

Pernia is an absolute disaster. [ME CAGO EN SU PUTA MADRE QUE MALO ES].

We played well against one of the best clubs in Europe. We must continue on the road and not get worked up over this.

All very good points.

My disappointment? Why the hell didn’t manager Aguirre utilize LUIS GARCIA? He should have taken off Maxi and brought in LUIS GARCIA in his place. Why didn’t he utilize Cleber Santana? Why did he only make one damn substitution (Reyes for Simao)? It seems a bit absurd not to make at least two changes when you’re down a goal, particularly when there are players not performing to their best ability.

POST-Match Statements: 

Manager Aguirre: “I feel that the result was unjust and my team is hurting after that result. A draw would have been fair…The misfortune of conceding the second goal leaves a bad taste in the mouth.”

LEO FRANCO: ” We played well, but there things we must improve.”

RAUL GARCIA: “The team played well, and we had opportunities to win the game.”

UGH, I wish I was able to watch the game, so that I could verify if Aguirre is right or not.

Leo Franco; Seitaridis, Pablo Ibáñez, Perea, Pernía; Raúl García, Maniche, Maxi, Simão (Reyes, 62’); Agüero y Forlán.

1′ Aguero (0-1); 15′ Raul (1-1); 79′ Sneijder (2-1)


10 Responses to “Jornada 1: Re*l M*drid 2 Atlético Madrid 1”

  1. Linda said

    My commiserations. Bad luck for you guys, especially since Sneijder’s much hailed game-winner was deflected.

    Why was Pernia playing, anyway? What’s wrong with Lopez? (I guess it’s just as well, since he set up Aguero’s goal, but it seems a little strange.)

  2. atleti said

    Disappointing start, but this was always going to be a tough test. I would’ve happily taken draw.

    I think Aguirre might’ve been slightly impressed with Pernia’s performance in the 1st leg UEFA qualifier. Granted, it was against FK Vojvodina, not the strongest opponent to test a player’s quality/improvement. If given a choice, I’d go with Lopez over Pernia (although Lopez often lacks a strong physical presence on the pitch). Pernia should have been sold off to Deportivo– the club he was strongly linked with during the pre-season.

    Hopefully, we’ll pick up the pieces and redeem ourselves next weekend. NB: I do think if we aren’t in a top spot after 4-5 games, Aguirre will be sacked.

  3. Linda said

    I think Lopez is the more intelligent defender, personally.

    If Aguirre gets sacked, it will be a travesty. At least I think so…what about you?

  4. lara said

    I came across the 2nd half on YouTube:

    (It’s in 3 parts – the other 2 links are there.)

  5. lara said

    Woops! Wrong link, that one is for the goals. Here is the first part of the 2nd half:

  6. atleti said

    Thanks, Lara– I’ll have a look.

    Linda: Believe it or not, there are a lot of supporters that want Aguirre sacked– I can understand most of their reasoning: a) the insistence on keeping Luccin (it seems) and Pernia when they should, honestly and truly, leave the club. The same goes for Ze Castro. Pablo comes to mind (but he simply seems better suited as a bench-warmer) Perhaps if we unloaded the rubbish, this summer, we could have afforded at least one top-notch defender.

    I’m a bit divided: I think Aguirre is (well, like most managers), under a lot of pressure, particularly since the club have invested so much this summer in the attack. I think we’re #2 transfer market spenders overall in Spain. I certainly wouldn’t want him sacked after only 2-3 games. That would be pure madness. If things pick up for the better, then he should stay. If things continue on the same destructive path as last season, he should go- I just worry who would come in as a replacement, if that happens.

  7. Linda said

    I can well believe that supporters would get on his back. (At least Luccin seems to be leaving now?) The problem with sacking managers mid-season is that as you say, replacements would be hard to come by. (I actually saw someone suggest that Rijkaard would be sacked a few weeks into the season and Capello bought in. Can you imagine?)

  8. atleti said

    Yes, it looks like Luccin is negociating a move out- all signs point to Birmingham City. I actually read a rumour recently that Atleti were interested in Motta. I don’t know much about him, except that he’s a defensive midfielder. I don’t think a defensive midfielder is the answer to the imbalance in the squad.

    I read something like that too (re Rijkaard getting the boot); I can understand the anxiety completely, but it’s still too soon!!

  9. thomas said

    I live in Barcelona! I can only tell you two things about Motta: the first one, he hasn’t played well in 5 years and the other one is that you can find him in a very fashion pub in Barcelona almost every night. I don’t think he deserves our shirt.
    I totally agree with the opinion that it would be madness to kick out Aguirre, at least before the christmas break. Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt. He has many new players, all of them good, but it will be tough to bring them to play together. I bet you in one month and a half you will be seeing atleti play like you don’t remember.
    One last thing, my opinion on Pernía. All Spain was absolutely impressed with his performances two years ago in Getafe. If one day he plays half as well he played there, he is a good player for our team, although it is true he likes to tackle too much. Don’t forget Antonio López is only a mediocre player, remember the end of last season, he had several lacks of concentration like Perea and Pablo.
    I’m actually living now in Lund (Sweden) for one year, so I hope the bullshit with the tv matches stops soon!
    It’s nice to read a page where some people give their opinion without being fanatic like in the forums of as and marca.See you!

  10. atleti said

    Thanks for your comments & input, Thomas!


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