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Pre-Thoughts: Madrid Derby aka El Derbi Madrileño

Posted by atleti on August 24, 2007

History Lesson
Did you know that La Liga season has kicked-off with the Madrid derbi only three times in the history of league?

1960/61 Season: Atlético won it 1-0 and bragging rights. Atleti finished this season in 2nd place.

In 1997/98 (a decade ago!): both clubs shared the points in a 1-1 draw. Although Atleti finished 7th that season, they still qualified for UEFA Cup action.

And now the 07/08 season!

General Thoughts
Re*l M*drid are under an extraordinary amount of pressure after having a rather lacklustre, unimpressive pre-season– a pre-season crisis, no less, which led to the most recent buys of Heinze from Manchester United and Arjen Robben from Chelsea. Desperate times call for desperate measures– nearly 120 million euros worth of desperate measures! What do you expect?

Atleti, for our part, have shelled out quite a bit during this summer for Raul Garcia, Cleber Santana, Reyes, Luis Garcia, Simao, and Forlan- all who have proven their immense talent and skill during the pre-season (with the exception of Cleber, who only played one game as a rojiblanco). Indeed, the end of the Torres era (while sad and full of uncertainty, initially) has dawned a new era for the club. We have bonafide goal-scorers in the squad. Kun, on his own, has proven his hunger and desire to succeed in the club this season– I can’t begin to say how impressed I am with his pre-season form (both at the U-20 World Cup and upon his return to Spain): abundant creativity & phenomenal work-rate by the young Argentine.

All in all, I’m very confident and have absolute faith in this squad of players and I’m practically salivating at the thought of los rojiblancos playing a Re*l M*drid (who are still licking their wounds after that hilarious 3-6 (agg) defeat by Sevilla).

At this moment (Thursday evening, NY Time), it’s unclear who manager Aguirre will pick as his starting 11. Many across the boards say he might choose the same squad that defeated Vojvodina 0-3 in the 1st UEFA Qualifier.

That lineup:

———–Leo Franco———
—Raul Garcia—Maniche——-

I quite like this one. It worked extremely well. He used Reyes, Jurado, and Luis Garcia as subs.

Or, perhaps this might work:

—Raul Garcia—Maniche——-

Or, maybe:
——– Abbiati(impressed me quite a bit!)—
Seitaridis–Pablo— Perea—-Pernia
— Raul Garcia—-Maniche——–
—Maxi—————— Reyes—
—-Forlan—— Kun Aguero——

I admit, I lean more towards the 1st choice. These other two are formations I’ve come up with right now.

Press Talks
There’ve been quite a few press interviews, many references to the derbi; here are a few:

Maxi: [Derbies and openers] are the best matches to play. If you begin with a win, it gives you so much more confidence for the upcoming encounters

Pablo: Real Madrid will come out angry on Saturday after the defeat to Sevilla…But perhaps Atletico are a tad better than Madrid at the moment.

Forlan: I don’t think that we’re coming in as favourites, as they play at home and that’s an advantage.

Maniche: If there is a favourite in the derby, it’s Real Madrid…We are up against a team with excellent players, but we also have a great [team] and I know that we can play a good game.

Manager Aguirre: We are not any less than them. I say this with respect to them, but we are going to face up to them and fight for the three points, because we don’t feel inferior…We just want to go without any complexes – just with a desire to win.

BOTTOM LINE: Hay que ganar a estos putos chulos en su puta casa!



More details to come.

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