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Atlético Madrid’s Chosen Squad for Tomorrow’s Derbi

Posted by atleti on August 24, 2007

I have pre-derbi thoughts below; this is an addendum to that with some recent news.

Here’s the chosen squad:

Leo Franco, Abbiati, Seitaridis, Pablo Ibáñez, Perea, Fabiano Eller, Pernía, Antonio López, Maniche, Cléber Santana, Raúl García, Luis García, Simão, Reyes, Maxi Rodríguez, Kun Agüero, Forlán and Mista.

It’s a bit curious to me that Braulio was left out– I’ve been a bit impressed by his pre-season form and enthusiasm to stay with the club. Mista, on the other hand, has been a complete waster on the pitch this summer, often times disappearing and not having any sort of presence or attacking prowess. Manager Aguirre did mention recently that he views Braulio as an important asset to the squad this summer, so hopefully that means he won’t be loaned out or sold away.

I was a bit upset to read that Aguirre still considers rubbish Luccin as a part of the 07/08 campaign. Why, Aguirre, WHY? Please, I hope this is just for keeping up appearances and that Luccin is in fact on his way out. Perhaps a lack of playing time will frustrate him enough to force a move out.

Defender Zé Castro, Julian Vara, and goalkeeper Falcón also didn’t participate in today’s pre-derbi training session.

Other players (besides Braulio and Luccin) that Aguirre mentioned as being part of his 07/08 campaign: Jurado (who can’t play against his ex-club), Miguel de las Cuevas (still recuperating), and Juan Valera (still recuperating).


Maxi is “confident” that Atleti can win against arch rivals, Re*l M*drid, while Reyes went a bit further (cheekier) and said, “We will win 0-2 and I will score a goal.”

We’ve done the talk, now it’s time to do the walk.


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