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Friendly: Getafe 0 Atlético Madrid 2

Posted by atleti on August 18, 2007

I had an opportunity to watch this friendly this afternoon (4.00pm NY time). It was a very physical game between the two Madrid clubs- Getafe entered the competition much hungrier for a win from the start, it must be said.  That said, they could not find the back of the net– they did have a goal wrongfully called offside though and they did test goalkeeper Abbiati a few times.

Diego Costa scored a great, unstoppable goal in the 54th minute thanks to a pass by Reyes. The second goal, scored by Reyes, was also quite good, thanks to a pass by Atleti B defender Julian Vara.

Here are a few, random notes:

Stand-out performance: Christian Abbiati- superb game for the Milan goalkeeper on loan to Atleti this season. This is the second performance where he has demonstrated his strong goalkeeping abilities. I wouldn’t be surprised if he received more playing time during the season!

Great performances: the two subs, Braulio and Diego Costa– here’s hoping they stay and Costinha and Mista are shown the door. They injected pace and provide ‘new ideas’ when they’re on the pitch. I can see them contributing to the squad if they stay this season.

Luis Garcia and Reyes have so far had a very solid pre-season– thankfully, both of them didn’t pick up any injuries. In fact, they both played the full 90 minutes (Luis Garcia was subbed out a few minutes before full-time).

Defence was a bit shaky and looked a bit like last season’s defence.

Cleber Santana— not a particularly good first performance for the Brasilian. A rather poor 1st half, the 2nd half was a bit of an improvement. I can’t judge him yet on one display– I will need to see him play a bit more.

Abbiati; Vara; Eller; Zé Castro; Antonio López; Costinha (Cléber min 25); Luccin; Reyes; Luis García (Mario Suárez min 86); Jurado (Diego Costa min 54); Mista (Braulio min 54)

7 days until the start of the season, folks! First Game? El Derbi Madrileño (25-August) at the Bernabéu!

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  1. bile said

    waxaan tageeraa nadiga atletico madrid

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