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Luis Garcia Speaks Out

Posted by atleti on August 14, 2007

Here are a few tid bits of his talk.

On Thursday’s UEFA Qualifier against Vojvodina:

The [Vojvodina] players are tall and strong…the goalkeeper is very good and young…a few of their strikers have scored many goals [so far]…we still don’t know much about them and tomorrow morning [or so] we will spend a bit of time studying [them].

In terms of fitness, he said that, physically, he feels very good and that manager Aguirre can count on him for Thursday. He also mentioned, “It’s a bad idea to begin to think that we will win silverware.” He’s not averse to it, but he wants to make it clear that the club isn’t thinking that far ahead– in other words, let’s focus on one game at a time.


At this point, the main question about Thursday’s UEFA qualifer is: What formation will manager Aguirre pick? Will he use Forlan as a lone striker or will be go with guns blazing and play Forlan and Aguero together? I say let’s go for the latter. Let’s win by a comfortable margin to avoid any possible embarassment in the second leg (away).

Stay tuned!

3 Responses to “Luis Garcia Speaks Out”

  1. lara said

    My spanish isn’t what it used to be but I think this article indicates that Aguirre will go with Maxi and Forlan as strikers. (Please let me know if I’m wrong about that.)

  2. atleti said

    Hi Lara, thanks for your comment & the link.

    That article (which came out yesterday) is questioning Aguirre’s tactics and about the possibility of the Mexican not using Aguero in the starting 11.

    The good news is that Aguirre has caved into the pressure and will include kun tomorrow (as reported in today’s sources)!

    The little Argentine was a firecracker against Gloria Bistrita and was most unlucky to not score. With more time on the pitch, he’ll fine-tune his goal-scoring. A great player to watch in action.


  3. lara said

    Atleti, thanks so much! I just saw your post today. I’m glad he decided to start him. We saw him play in the U-20s here in Toronto and he’s the kind of player you feel privileged to watch. Hoping for good things tomorrow!! :)

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