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Pre-Season Friendly: Celta Vigo v Atletico Madrid & Other Stuff

Posted by atleti on August 8, 2007

Manager Aguirre is expected to field a 4-2-3-1 formed- squad with a Simao-Maxi-Reyes line.

AS is calling it the ‘tridente mágico’ (the magical trident)- and who can blame them? If this trio proves deadly without Forlan and Aguero, imagine how potent our attack will be when they’re back from holiday? I’m salivating right now. It’s an incredibly attack-minded midfield to support a loan striker.

Who will join the tridente in this Celta Vigo friendly?
Leo Franco, Seitaridis, Pablo, Antonio López, Jurado, Diego Costa, Abbiati, Vara, Pernía, Maniche, Mista, Costinha, Luccin, Eller, Braulio, Regalón and Raúl García.

New faces in this friendly squad: Brasilian striker Diego Costa and Atleti B defender Regalón.

I don’t think there’ll be a live feed for this friendly, unfortunately, but I’ll check for one.

Understandably, Luis Garcia was left behind. He’s a key player- why aggravate a minor injury he picked up against Lazio last Saturday? Let him rest and fully recuperate- we need him for the Madrid derby.
Meanwhile, slowly fallen-out-of-favour striker Mista has been attracting the attention of a few clubs, Real Murcia (his boyhood club) and Levante. At the moment, news sources claim that he’s not keen on the idea of relocating to another club– he does have a contract until 2010 with Atleti. However, he might reconsider that stance: at this point, I don’t see him receiving much playing time. Let’s see how this pans out.

In other news, Maxi Rodriguez has been called up to the Argentina NT for a friendly to be played in Oslo 22-August.

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