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Pre-season Friendly: Celta Vigo 0 Atlético Madrid 0

Posted by atleti on August 8, 2007

This was not the scoreline I was expecting at all. It was the story of the two-faced Atleti: a  good, dominating first half…and an average, boring second half. Los Rojiblancos did end up winning el Trofeo Ciudad de Vigo in penalties, 4-2. Meaningless pre-season friendly, of course.

Random Notes
-We were awarded two penalties in the first half, when we were dominant and potent; unfortunately, we failed to convert them into goals. Who was at fault? Maxi and Maniche. Maxi, again hard-working, but still in search of his form.

-Manager Aguirre made 9 changes in the second half that left the team playing rather disjointly and ‘disorganised’. On the other hand, it did allow everyone some playing time. In terms of fitness, a good decision, I suppose.

-Poor performances, again, by Mista and Costinha; mediocre performance by Pernia; lacklustre display by Antonio Lopez. Luccin? No comment, as per usual.

Leo Franco (Abbiati 46); Seitaridis (Vara 46), Pablo (Regalón 70), Eller, Pernía (Antonio López 46); Raúl García (Costinha 46), Maniche (Luccin 46), Maxi, Simao (Diego Costa 46); Mista (Braulio 46), Reyes (Jurado 46).

2 Responses to “Pre-season Friendly: Celta Vigo 0 Atlético Madrid 0”

  1. Ringo said

    Two missed penalties?
    “Are you Chelsea in disguise”?

  2. atleti said

    Thank goodness it’s a pre-season friendly, and not the upcoming UEFA qualifying game! Eep.

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