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Amsterdam Tournament: Dirty Lazio Bastards

Posted by atleti on August 5, 2007

During yesterday’s game against Lazio, quite a few Atleti players were victims of extremely physical challenges:

Simao received a tackle that left his shoulder heavily bruised.

Ze Castro received a nasty knock (muscular pain) that has prevented him from a post-Tournament training session.

Luis Garcia was nastily lunged at by Massimo Mutarelli and had to be subbed off (after coming in as a sub for Simao). Fortunately, a week of no training should do the trick (muscular pain), according to the club’s doctor.

Reyes was carried off because of a nasty tackle on his ankle- it doesn’t seem too serious, I think. I’ll re-check a few sites to make sure.

This was a damn pre-season tourney, not a rugby scrum, for christ’s sake.


UPDATE (Good News!): Both Simao and Reyes were deemed fit enough to participate in today’s non-strenuous training session. Luis Garcia, Ze Castro, and Seitaridis, however, were left out due to injury.

6 Responses to “Amsterdam Tournament: Dirty Lazio Bastards”

  1. Ringo said

    Or ,Nazio ,even.

  2. atleti said


    It’s difficult not to take it personally…they went after 3 key players.

  3. chris said

    Fun fact: Lazio as a collective team likes to beat orphaned babies and personally spread the AIDS virus. And Claudio Lotito is Hitler’s direct descendant.

  4. atleti said

    Beat orphaned babies? Or, do you mean EAT orphaned babies? ; )

  5. Goran said

    Listen brothers for bad results of our club r guillty players chemistry.I am sure as time will ticking they will be better and better and better u will see.Btw I am from coutry where is Vojvodina;D but dont worry I am Atletico fan

  6. atleti said

    Thanks for your contribution, Goran. Yes, with time things will get better, I hope.


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