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Intertoto: Gloria Bistrita 2 Atlético 1 (1st Leg)

Posted by atleti on July 21, 2007

Dear God, I honestly don’t know where to begin. 

Atleti conceded two goals in the first half as a result of defensive errors. The first goal, in the 7th  minute, was the fault of Luis Perea: poor marking and casual defending by the Colombian centre-back. The second goal was caused by a shambolic pass by– who else?– midfielder Peter Luccin. Why on God’s green earth haven’t the club sold Luccin? He’s absolute rubbish; wasteful on free kicks, sloppy passing, and picks up cards for unnecessary tackles. A complete liability, he is.

Furthermore, why on earth did manager Aguirre field Luccin and Maniche as central midfielders with Raul Garcia, a natural in that position, as a second striker behind Mista? While I realise it is his first official game with the club and he will need time to adjust, it makes absolutely no sense to play him out of position. Raul looked almost uncomfortable. I hope that in future games he is not played as a support striker– a role, in truth, that belongs to a player like Luis Garcia.

When the scoreline read Gloria 2 Atleti 0, I was literally speechless. Atleti had plenty of possession, but lacked ideas and concentration for significant portions of the game. I can only remember one clear chance at goal for Maxi and he was most unfortunate to have his effort saved by the Gloria Bistrita keeper.

What saddened me most is that the team looked exactly like they did last season: lacking ideas, lacking that extra bit of creativity. In essence, Atleti lack a true playmaker to create goal-scoring opportunities.  They also, at least to me, lacked hunger & desire and did not threaten at goal as much as they should have.

As the Spanish commentator said at the end of the first-half, los rojiblancos needed a ‘change of attitude’ more than anything else.

The highlight of the second half (and the entire game for that matter) was Seitaridis ‘golazo’ from a long distance.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if Atleti expect to reach new heights this season, they must invest in a top-notch centre-back. I found myself biting my nails when the back-line were trying to clear dangerous balls from the area. Luis Perea and Leo Franco lacked communication– there were two instances where they nearly collided with each other to clear out a ball.

The front-line lacked bite and any real initiative with Mista as the main target-man (of course, the squad did lack two big signings, Forlan and Luis Garcia). Braulio did not shine at all.

Midfield, as I said previously, lacked a true playmaker. Maniche had a fairly decent game in comparison to others.

All in all, a completely disappointing result and performance, but at least Atleti managed to score one goal.

Hope springs eternal.

Gloria Bistrita: Albut; Frasinescu, Abrudan, Ragipovic (Damian, 72’), Sepsi; Rus Mircea, Nalati (Ion, 87’), Coroian (Caju, 59’), Dobre; Tilinca y Zaharia.

Atlético de Madrid: Leo Franco; Seitaridis, Perea, Eller, Antonio López; Luccin (Costinha, 75’), Maniche, Maxi, Petrov (Jurado, 57’); Raúl García y Mista (Braulio, 60’).

1 Gloria Atleti 0 (7′)
2 Gloria Atleti 0 (38′)
2 Gloria Atleti 1 (54′) Seitaridis

7 Responses to “Intertoto: Gloria Bistrita 2 Atlético 1 (1st Leg)”

  1. Nathan said

    Atleti: Sorry to hear about the news, i was damn surprised when i saw the final score!!! I will not comment on the game itself since i was unable to see it but what i will do is talk about how bad Luccin is!
    Just like you pointed out, there is not one game that goes by that the damn French does not screw up, i remember last season when the Colchoneros where struggling with the last few minutes of the game, the other team would end up tieing them…then with a few minutes left, Atletico would get a chance with a free kick and Luccin would end up sending the ball to the 9th row behind the goal! I think that he is a player that has always been an extra on the team…there is no place for him!
    After a summer where Atletico went out to get good strikers, you would have thought that Vasco would have spent a few pennies on a good 5. I would prefer Colsa before this fool…

  2. atleti said

    FRUSTRATING RESULT! Sin verguenzas.

    For the past few years, I’ve grown to dislike Luccin…A LOT. He did exactly that, too: sent a ball into orbit when he took a free-kick. I have no idea why they keep him. Disgraceful.

  3. Linda said

    I think the midfield might look better with Luis Garcia playing, Raul Garcia played in his correct position and of course Luccin dropped. Atletico have bought well in midfield and in attack recently, but you’re right, the defence looks like it needs some work.

  4. atleti said

    Very interesting; I seem to recall Raul being described as a central (holding) midfielder than in an attacking role. So, his usual position is in a support-striker role, then? I’ve heard plenty of good things about him, but rarely watched Osasuna games.

    My only hope is that the dynamics will change for the better with Forlan and Luis Garcia– and the return of kun.

  5. Thomas said

    I am so happy to see that everybody hates Luccin!!! I see every match, and I have no doubt that he is one of the biggest reasons of why we are playing Intertoto. Just remember the second part of the league, where he was shown the red card three times, all in matches we should have won and because he was doing a horrible match and just started tackling unnecessarily and complaining to the referee. Is that a professional player???
    Luccin must have good friends in the press,because I have always wondered why here in Spain, they never blame him, they always prefered blaming Aguirre, Torres, Agüero, Petrov, Perea when they have bad matches, but the name of Luccin never appears.

  6. atleti said

    Feel free to join the Luccin Hate Club- I’m the president!

    Luccin has caused too much embarassment for the club. Don’t care for him at all and hope that more folks realise that he makes costly errors.

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