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Man City & Spurs chasing Petrov?

Posted by atleti on July 17, 2007

There was quite a bit of speculation surrounding a possible move for Petrov to Spurs last season. Part of it had to do with the Bulgarian connection– Berbatov had joined Spurs that summer and it was believed Petrov would be enticed by the thought of playing alongside his fellow countryman. Well, that never came to fruition, thankfully, although the 28 year old winger did suffer a severe knee injury and was out for most of 06/07.

This morning I read this article.

Again Spurs enter the picture, along with Man City. Man City, of course, being the subject of the a recent takeover (with Sven-Goran Eriksson as manager).

This tid bit bothered me most in the article:

Petrov is attracted by the idea of a move to the Premiership and knows his place with los Colchoneros is in jeopardy after the arrival of Luís García from Liverpool.

The first point is meaningless, but the second point about Luis Garcia? For starters, the Catalan is still recovering from knee surgery he received in January and hasn’t participated extensively in training sessions yet. I’d imagine Javier Aguirre not overutilising him (for a full 90), so as not to reinjure the knee, particularly in the beginning of the season. Granted, there is still another month left before the season starts, so he may be fully fit by the start.

In any case, it would be a great loss for the team to lose Petrov– especially when there are players who have openly expressed a desire to leave the club (Costinha). Get rid of the deadweight first, don’t sell our best players, I say. Petrov is a proven talent and I’d be very disappointed if such a rumour became a reality.

The only reasoning I can come up with for Atletico Madrid even entertaining such an idea would be to raise funds for the likes of Ricardo Quaresma or Simao Sabrosa. Quaresma, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, is overpriced. Talented? Yes! Worth 25 million? No! Thankfully, the club have turned their backs to Porto and Quaresma.

As for Simao Sabrosa, the news today indicates that he would consider a move to Atletico- for the right price, a reasonable one. I certainly think another solid midfielder would be great (providing, again, that the deadweight is offloaded). Benfica manager Fernando Castro, however, appears uninterested in players being included in the deal.

Switching gears, Argentine left-back Mariano Pernia is linked with Deportivo la Coruna. New Coach, Miguel Angel Lotina has made his interest known public. Pernia has fallen down the pecking order (he truly didn’t impress when he did have opportunities to play), so I suspect both he and Atletico Madrid will be open to offers.

Stay tuned.

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