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Atletico Madrid officially unveil Diego Forlán

Posted by atleti on July 17, 2007

During his press conference, he made clear that he wants to score as many goals as possible and provide many, many assists. That’s fine by me!

He also dismissed any possible comparisons between him and Fernando Torres (again). When asked about his ex-teammate Juan Román Riquelme, he said he has talked to him since the final of the Copa America, but not about Atlético (if you recall there’s some speculation that the Argentine might move to the club as well).

As expected, Forlan will not feature in los rojiblancos’ Intertoto away game to Gloria Bistrita– in order to enjoy “a few days of holiday to rest”.

He will, of course, debut in the first Liga game of the season– the Madrid derby.

4 Responses to “Atletico Madrid officially unveil Diego Forlán”

  1. Linda said

    It’s going to take me a while to get used to him in that shirt. Same with Luis Garcia, although that one should be easier, having seen him in it before. A lot of players who are established at their clubs moving on in this transfer window, isn’t there?

  2. atleti said

    It seems so! Yesterday, I watched Torres play for Liverpool against Werder Bremen in a friendly, and I can’t tell you how irked I was at seeing him in that shirt.

    Useless Trivia: both Luis Garcia and Forlan played at their previous clubs for the same length of time: 2004-2007.

  3. Linda said

    I keep thinking Torres doesn’t look right in Liverpool red. Maybe with time that will change, but I’m so used to seeing him in the rojiblanco shirt. I can’t imagine how you guys feel.

    It’s going to take me a while to get used to Henry in a Barca shirt. Not to mention Milito. Seeing Ayala presented in a Zaragoza shirt was a trip, too. And then there’s Saviola…

  4. atleti said

    I think I’ve handled Torres’ departure better than most. I focus on the positives: the club have signed some very good players and Torres has said that he would return to Atleti in the future (and I do believe him).

    I think that other blogs have obsessed over his absence for long enough. Yes, I miss him, but we must look forward and stop dwelling on it. There was for a very long time (and probably still is) some talk that he was forced out by management. I think a lot of supporters had a difficult time digesting the fact that he encouraged talks with Liverpool and made the decision.

    Saviola’s move is absolutely appalling. Of all the clubs in the entire world he had to choose Re*l— Unforgivable!

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