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Atletico Madrid: Foreign Factor for 07/08 Season

Posted by atleti on July 13, 2007

It’s all over the place: reports streaming from Spain claim that Atleti and Villarreal have agreed to a contract for Juan Roman Riquelme. The Argentine is expected to make a decision this Monday, the day after the Copa America final. So, at this point, it’s still very much in the air.

Regardless, this brings into question– in my mind at least– the ‘foreign factor’ of the team (since Spanish teams can only field 3 foreign players at one time). During the unveiling of Diego Costa, Technical Director Pitarch made it clear that the young Brasilian might be sent out on loan (for the third time) because of his non-European status.

At this moment, los rojiblancos have 4 non-European-Passport-carrying players: Brasilian defender Fabiano Eller, Argentine striker Sergio Agüero, Brasilian midfielder Cléber Santana, and Brasilian striker Diego Costa. If another non-Euro passport player is brought in, then there is absolutely no doubt that Diego Costa will once again go out loan.

As for Riquelme, his possible arrival to the club could quite possibly hinder the playing opportunities of his fellow countryman Sergio Aguero; Riquelme would be guaranteed a starting 11 spot (along with Brasilians Eller and possibly Cleber Santana). The Argentine playmaker would most likely play just behind lone-striker Forlan, which would move Maxi Rodriguez back to the right wing.

On a slightly different note, there are six central midfielders in the squad at the moment: new additions Cléber Santana and Raul Garcia– in addition to Luccin, Costinha, Maniche, and Jurado. I still suspect that Costinha is on his way out. The jury is still out on Maniche and Luccin (between the two, I’d keep Maniche as he receives less cards than Luccin)

10 Responses to “Atletico Madrid: Foreign Factor for 07/08 Season”

  1. Cesar said

    If you guys get Riquelme, you’ll be super tough … that could be a great move for you guys! Good luck …

  2. atleti said

    He’d be a great addition, without a doubt. Let’s see what happens!

    I still think the club should get a solid centre-back. If they got rid of Costinha and other deadweight, that’ll raise funds for one.

  3. rio said

    I like your blog layout very much. nice and clean.

    would you like to exchange link?
    btw, i’m a villar fan, but I support my countrymen everywhere :D

  4. Linda said

    I’ll be honest: I’d much rather you guys got Roman than Real Madrid. If this happens, hopefully Aguirre will know to treat him right.

  5. atleti said

    Fantastic signing he would be.

    If he joined Real Madrid, I think I’d have a mild heart-attack. I’d love to see him anywhere…except the Bernabéu.

    I’ll add before the end of the week, rios, cheers.

  6. Thomas said

    I don’t agree with your opinions.
    Riquelme is technically an excellent player, but he is not a team player,he doesn’t run, he doesn’t defend.I bet Aguirre doesn’t like him. If you want Riquelme to give good results, you need ten other players that just play and run for him.That is why he did so good in Boca Juniors and Villareal, but it is also why he did nothing in Barcelona. Atleti doesn’t have a team that can play for one member.
    I think what we need is a defensive midfield(let’s see how Cleber Santana does) and maybe a central defender, although I think we do have good players in that position, they have a big lack of concentration. I also think the best buy we could do is Simao, who is a great team player, who can play in many positions, has european competition experience and is willing to do things well in Spain after doing so bad in Barcelona(I think he was to young when he went there)

  7. atleti said

    Good points, Thomas. Riquelme is a player that needs a squad to revolve around him; I’m an admirer of his brilliance, so I tend to forget that point.

    Simao would be a much better acquisition than Quaresma, that’s for sure.

    As for Cleber, I can’t wait to see him on the pitch.

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