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“UEFA is our obsession” says Javier Aguirre

Posted by atleti on July 11, 2007

According to AS, MARCA, and the club’s official website, manager Javier Aguirre had a long discussion with Antonio López:

We have had a pleasant relationship for a while now, and we have spoken about many different things. We collectively and individually re-evaluated and analyzed last season’s performance and also examined what we should improve upon.

Will the Spaniard become the new captain of the team? It seems likely; for starters, with Torres out of the picture, the 26 year old Spanish left-back is the longest-serving player at the Vicente Calderon (he came up through the ‘B’ team).

As my title suggests, today Javier Aguirre also discussed the importance of the Intertoto, hopes to reach UEFA, and worries during his first press conference of the 07/08 season.

On the Intertoto:

The Romanian team has already surpassed the qualifying round, even though we already know that anything could happen in football. We know that the Gloria Bistrita is defensively a very organized team and this is a positive factor for their offence. They have also remained sixth in their league.

Too true; never underestimate your opponent (we did that way too often during 06/07, embarassingly). Atleti certainly come into the Intertoto as ‘heavyweights’, but the team need time to gel– there are six new additions to the club. Suffice to say, it takes some time to adjust to each other’s playing styles.

Manager Aguirre goes on to say:

It definitely worries me a bit that players such as Forlán, Aguero and Perea are on holidays. We are carefully observing them and will gradually make an evaluation. We are going to gradually and progressively use these players.

Too true again. These are key players to los rojiblancos’ 07/08 campaign. Their absence in current training sessions (no matter how ‘laxed’ these sessions may be) is a substantial loss. At the same time, the fact that Forlan, Aguero, and Perea have been on international duty is both good and bad in my eyes: on one hand, they have been playing and, as such, keeping physically fit. On the other hand, they will need some time to rest before the start of the season, not to mention Intertoto. Essentially, Intertoto is a punishment for not qualifying for UEFA as it shortens players’ holidays.

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