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Atletico Madrid’s Summer Signings (So Far)

Posted by atleti on July 4, 2007

1. Diego Costa
2. Raúl García
3. Christian Abbiati
4. Diego Forlán
5. Luis García
6. Cléber Santana

Diego Costa (full name Diego da Silva Costa)
I know very little about this player, so I did a few web-searches and came up with some interesting tid bits of information. For starters, Atleti signed him from Sporting Braga in January ’07 (until 2010), only to send him back to the Portuguese club on loan. Now, at 19, it appears Atleti are ready to include the lad in the squad this coming 07/08 season– at least that seems to be the case at this point. According to this article,  “the 19-year-old is an attacking player who can perform in virtually any role across the front line.” Overall, articles about the youngster (whether they be in English, Spanish, or Portuguese) state the same thing: a ‘talented’, ‘promising’ player.

Raúl García
This is the signing that excites me most (in terms of new midfielders). The 21 year old central midfielder joins Atleti on a five-year contract after a successful career at Osasuna. The move to the capital reunites him with Javier Aguirre (former Osasuna manager). He’s widely recognized in Spain as one of the most talented, young central midfielders at the moment. (Click here for an English-language article on the player.)

Surely his arrival means the end of Peter Luccin or Maniche. Luccin has become– in my eyes– a complete liability. He received 17 cards in 06/07 for ridiculous tackles and/or complaining to refs. As for Maniche, I was one of the many Atleti supporters insulted by his rude comments of the club during mid-season.

Christian Abbiati
The 6’2” Milan goalkeeper (who has spent most of his career on loan) joins los rojiblancos to no doubt replace– it must be said– rubbish Pichu aka Cuellar aka the keeper who has caused much embarassment to los rojiblancos in 06/07. Recently, Pichu has been linked with a move to a second division club (Malaga, I believe).

As for Abbiati, the 29 year old Italian brings with him plenty of experience.

Diego Forlan
I wrote a bit about his arrival to the club here.

Luis Garcia
I wrote a bit about him here.

Cleber Santana
He’s a 26 year old attacking midfielder from Brazil, formerly of Santos FC. I admit, I don’t know much about him, except that he has never played in Europe and  had a brief stint in Japan.

General Thoughts
Overall, I can’t complain; the club are rebuilding a midfield that was– more often than not– woeful in 06/07. They have also made a clear initiative to bring in ‘attacking’ midfielders in hopes (I suspect) of not suffering through goal droughts (I can’t tell you how many uninspired, woeful, 0-0 draws I watched last season). New midfield arrivals join Atleti favourites Maxi Rodriguez (who should be back to good form by the start of next season after that awful injury set-back) and Petrov.

There was some speculation of Petrov leaving the club for Spurs some weeks ago (to link up with fellow countryman Berbatov), but with the new signings, I expect the Bulgarian will stay put. He is an important player in Atletico’s 07/08 campaign.

Stay tuned for more signings and outings.

9 Responses to “Atletico Madrid’s Summer Signings (So Far)”

  1. Linda said

    I don’t imagine Pichu will play another game for Atletico, given what I’ve seen of him. It’s good that you’ve got better backup for Leo Franco.

    As for Luis Garcia, he once said that if he returned to Spain it would be Atletico, not Barca, despite coming through our youth program. So that tells you how much he loves Atletico. Good to see him back in La Liga.

  2. atleti said

    Agreed- Luis Garcia’s return is a plus for both Atletico and Liga as a whole. He’s always a pleasure to watch– just hope he stays injury-free!

  3. Cesar said

    Wondering what you’ll do with Mista … more reliance on him now that Torres is gone? Are you in the market for another striker?

  4. atleti said

    You bring up a great point, Cesar. I haven’t done an entry on strikers yet–I’m waiting until I feel the club are (nearly) finished in the transfer market.

    In terms of Mista, there was some talk of him attracting the interest of a Turkish club, but I haven’t read anything on that for weeks now. Time will tell. I consider him a good striking option on the bench.

    Atleti have Forlán and Agüero as strikers, of course, in addition to Luis Garcia (but I suspect he’ll be used in midfield).

    The club have been linked with a few strikers, but it’s all speculation at this point. I’d certainly consider another striker a plus.

  5. Mark said

    Wouldn’t the new kid, Diego Costa, also be an option at forward off the bench? There are a lot of question marks, but we may be able to use him in a few matches.

    Also, don’t forget Mario Suarez coming back from his loan spell at Valladolid. He’s also a solid option in the central midfield with loads of potential.

  6. atleti said

    It’s unclear at this point, Mark. The club have stated that he might be put out on loan (since he doesn’t have a euro-passport).

    I haven’t read anything new on Mario Suárez since the U-20 World Cup. I agree that he’d certainly be an option to consider in the midfield, to provide offensive support. Let’s see if he figures into the club’s 07/08 campaign.

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